Open Choir at West Park

Open Choir 2016-1

Wednesday 4/13 7-8:30pm; Monday 4/25 8pm; Monday 5/2 8pm

The Open Choir is a free, public event, where everyone is welcome to participate. A core of artists leads participants and guests, both new and returning, through a flow of songs, looking for the possibility of a simple and alive kind of experience and interaction. Everyone is invited to join through dance and song, or find his or her own way to support what happens. During these non-sectarian encounters through songs of the African diaspora, participants of different backgrounds become co-authors of the meeting, creating an artwork that respects and embraces cultural variety. Created by the world-renowned theatre group the Open Program of the Workcenter of Jerzy Grotowski and Thomas Richards and developed with the West Park-resident NYC Seed Group, the Open Choir appears periodically at West-Park for just a few evenings every few months. Come sing with us while you can! Wednesday 4/13 7-8:30pm; Monday 4/25 8-9:30pm; Monday 5/2 8-9:30pm

The Open Choir at West-Park is part of the NYC OPEN CHOIR MOVEMENT 2016, which also includes a host of events at the Andrew Freedman Home in the Bronx. For the full program and updates, check out: or

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