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February 2016 Events at
West Park Presbyterian Church

Monday, February 8th at 7PM
FILM SCREENING:  TRIGGER:  The Ripple Effects of Gun Violence –  Whenever an act of gun violence occurs, communities are fractured at every level.  This is what makes TRIGGERsuch a powerfully moving film.  It shares the stories of individuals that encounter gun violence in various sectors of our communities: parents, children and siblings of victims, school teachers, trauma surgeons, law enforcement, legislators, pastors and grief counselors.  Although we often think of a bullet as being an end, for those affected, it is only the beginning.  Click HERE for some of the stories, or “ripple” highlighted in the film.  There is a $10 requested donation.

SUNDAY 2/7 – Sundays at 11AM in the Chapel 
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MONDAY 2/8 – Farmigo’s Food Pickup, 6:30pm – 8:30pm in the Chapel
BIBLE STUDY Resumes next week 2/15 at 7pm in the Chapel.
Film Screening “Trigger” 7pm in the Sanctuary

FRIDAY 2/12– Rhythms, Repair & Renovation OPEN MIC Sign Up at 7:30 Show at 8pm in the Chapel