Christopher Bollyn’s presentation for Friday, Sept.9th has been cancelled

On Tuesday the church cancelled the rental contract. “The event was presented to us without full disclosure” when McGuire rented the space, Rev. Robert Brashear told Haaretz. “Reading the advertisement we concluded their activities are clearly anti-Semitic…we can’t let that go forward.” read more:

West Park is featured in a new online magazine MANHATTAN SIDEWAYS


When I sat down in the minister’s office at West Park Presbyterian Church, the first thing I asked was his name. He responded, “I am going to give you the whole thing, and you decide how much you would like to include.”  To read more click MANHATTAN SIDEWAYS


West Park was recently featured in an “Uptown Radio” story by Stephen Bisaha…Radio interview with Rev. Dr. Robert L. Brashear You can listen to it here: HOW A NEW YORK LANDMARK IS MADE

Host Intro: Over the past fifty years more than 35,000 building have been landmarked in New York City, from the brownstones in Fort Greene to the Empire State Building. But it’s not cheap keeping these old dogs up and running. And being named a landmark can actually make that job even harder. Stephan Bisaha has more.

BISAHA 1: The West Park Presbyterian Church on the upper west side is stunning. The whole building looks like it was carved from a single, sunbaked slab of red clay. But when you get a little bit closer, it starts to show its 127 year age. Reverend Dr. Robert Brashear is the pastor of the church. He reaches up and with ease chips off a piece of the wall. The piece crumbles apart and rains down on us like dust.

The West 80s: An Aesthetic of Its Own

 The West 80s is largely a quiet neighborhood of stately older apartment buildings and townhouses, bustling bookstores and cultural institutions. It stretches from West 80th up to West 90th Street, and from Central Park West to Riverside Park.
 Courtesy Noche Flamenca
Courtesy Noche Flamenca

Passion. Love. Pain. Yearning.  Palpable emotions common to the songs of Jews, Christians and Muslims in Andalusia during the Golden Age of Spain, a time when our communities shared philosophy, poetry and musical cadences and lived in peace with one another — a time past and, last Sunday evening, a brief taste of the world to come.




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No Building Is Left Unturned in One Man’s Search for Cornerstones


NO BUILDING IS LEFT UNTURNED. ONE MAN’S SEARCH FOR CORNERSTONES                                                                                    


REBOOTING A CHURCH Our fist guest on this new podcast is Rev. Bob Brashear from West Park Presbyterian Church, on the Upper West Side in New York City. Bob’s church is facing the typical problems of low attendance, dwindling effectiveness, and has a plan to reboot the his church as an activist community of people who are consciously working to transform themselves and the world. We’ll be talking with Bob every couple of months to see how his project is going. Thank you for checking us out. Russ /


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